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Bead to Feed is a fund raising activity of Nyame Adom Foundation of America (NAFofA). NAFofA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping vulnerable orphans in Ghana, West Africa. For more information about NAFofA and to meet our children, please visit the Nyame Adom Foundation of America.

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Sell Our Beads

If you are a retailer who is looking to sell the beads created by the artisans in Ghana, please contact us at

Here are some links to other retailers in the bead and gem community.

Avian Oasis

John from Avian Oasis was a great help at The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. He sells all types of amazing gem stones as well as our glass beads. He travels all over the country to many shows. Check out his website to see where you can find him next!

Bead Renaissance Shows

Bead Renaissance Shows is who we exhibited with at The Tucson Gem Show. They are wonderful people. Check out their website for bead shows near you.